Firkin – Libertyville, IL

With all the traveling that I do, whether in the United States, or out of the Country, it is safe to say that I eat out A LOT, when not at home. I will be touching on many different restaurants, local to me here in Chicago, as well as all over the world.

Restaurant: Firkin

Location: Libertyville, IL

Must Try: Duck Nachos

Vibe: This small, but lavish bar is great for just grabbing a bite to eat, or meeting up with friends for drinks. I love the fact that there are no televisions in the whole bar!

Menu: 4

Stars: 4.5

Price: Reasonable

What I Must Say: Although the location is quite small and can fill up very easily, especially on the weekends, this restaurant has become a go to, especially for the duck nachos! The menu is different offering a range of foods but what Firkin is most known for is their long list of beers that they offer! If you are at all, in anyway interested in different types of beers, this is a must go to! Also, do not be afraid to try things that you would never imagine yourself liking. Our first trip to Firkin, we tried to order the Duck Nachos with no duck…big mistake, try the Duck!

Happy eating!


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