Travel. The Only Thing You Can Buy That Makes You Richer!

Have you ever logged onto your Facebook or Instagram and been like, “WOW! I swear John Doe is always in a different city or country!”. I know I have. Living the life of an NFL players girlfriend may seem like all glitz and glam (and it is SOMETIMES) but when it comes to managing a schedule with work, a social life, and travel for games things can get hectic. First and foremost, I am the girl who literally itches for the schedule to come out so I can begin to plan my trips for away games. If you are anything like me, you like to try to budget your money and get the best deals, so there is a reason that I plan my trips literally months in advance. Whether you are a HUGE sports fan that needs to travel to every away game, have friends that live all over the world, or just want to get away for the weekend, use the apps/tips below to find the best deals!

If you fly often, see if the airline that you use most has a credit card. A lot of airlines have credit cards that allow you to build up points that you can then later on apply towards flights. I recently booked a flight to visit my best friend in Arizona, as well as go to the Bears preseason game for free all because of my points on my Southwest credit card. My boyfriend on the other hand uses his United card for just about EVERYTHING. The amount of points he has accumulated over the past year could fly me to and from California probably 8 times! Just remember, be smart when it comes to using a credit card. I probably sound like your mother right now but don’t spend more than you have, and try to pay your balance off every month!

There are a couple different methods I use when flying to get the best deals using the internet and apps.

First, I go to Google and type in the search bar where I am starting off and where I am going to. For instance… Chicago to Phoenix. Once I have done this and pressed enter google compiles a list of airlines and how much the flights are on selected days. What I like about this method is that it allows me to look on different days to see what days are cheaper to fly on (usually Tuesdays). If my schedule allows for it, I always try to leave on a random day of the week rather than a Friday, just to save an extra few dollars. Another method I use, using Google is to search for one-ways. Sometimes airlines will not populate when you are looking for a round-trip. I have been lucky enough to find some VERY good deals this way!
-Hopper: Hopper is by far one of, if not my FAVORITE app that I have. Go to your app store and download it now and make sure you allow notifications! All you have to do within this app is type in your destination and the dates and it automatically tells you when to book your flight based on market trends. For instance, when I just opened my app the first trip I am “watching” is to Nashville in August. It currently says “Wait” above the trip dates letting me know that I should keep watching this trip. They are predicting a $73 drop in price over the next two months and will alert me once the price has dropped. I love this because it does all the dirty work for me! The reason I use method one is just in case the app misses out on something, which it rarely does.

-SkyScanner: Again, this is another app that is JUST like Hopper. The difference between Hopper and SkyScanner is that SkyScanner also will help you find deals for hotels and cars too! Both apps work quite similarly and I would suggest either one!

-Checking Airline Sites: If you grabbed my phone, you would laugh. I have a whole section of apps categorized under travel which include every single airline that I have ever flew app… Why? BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS AN EVIL PLACE! Often times when searching for flights, if you are not on the airlines actual site, an inaccurate price will come up, resulting in a higher price…So I sometimes go and double check the site to see if there is ANYTHING cheaper. Sometimes there is, sometimes there is not, but hey it never hurts to check.

-GTFO: If you want to leave just last minute and go on a spur of the moment trip…download this app! I have not got the opportunity to actually use this app yet but I am just hoping that one day soon I get to! All you have to do is put your departing airport in and it will auto populate flights for last minute flights. Every once in a while I take a glance at the app and see flights for $100 round trip, including checked bags. So hard to pass up on that.

Overall, when it comes to traveling, BUDGET on things like flights, hotels, and transportation in general so you can allow for more spending money on things like food, activities, and shows.

Save money & have fun!


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